Sylvia Moes

Sylvia Moes is Innovation Manager Education Support at the VU University Amsterdam and member of the AV-Board in the Netherlands.

She worked for 15 years on the integration of Video in Higher Education, and created pedagogical models. It led to the design of a framework which aimed to visualize the integration of different types of video, and their added value, related to lower to higher order learning goals (see publication, Which types of lecture capture, knowledge and instruction clips could improve the quality of learning outcomes?

Since developed concepts to intensify learning in the field via iPads and 4G network with positive impact on learning outcomes. This lead to one of the services of the University Library.

In recent years she has worked on innovations with 3D printing and Virtual Reality. At this moment she is active in a national project “PleitVRij” (running for 2 years since September 2018) where students have the possibility to train their communication skills with students of other universities. These students meet each other live in a VR-Courtroom.

The last two years SURF asked her to work as an Consultant and give advice to develop a national portal for Open Learning Materials. In a team of developers she worked on the integration of Artificial Intelligence to search for learning materials that is matching user profiles of interest.