Zac Woolfitt

Zac Woolfitt is a lecturer and researcher at Inholland University in the Netherlands. Since 2010 he has conducted research into the effective use of video in higher education. In 2014 he graduated Cum Laude, MEd: ‘Teaching and Innovation’ with research into support needs of faculty to transition into using ‘video teaching’.
As a member of the Inholland Research Group “Teaching, Learning & Technology” he has presented research papers at conferences in the Benelux, Germany Spain, England and Wales, and webinars to groups in Australia and the US.
A founding member of the Inholland “Community of Practice Video” he is also a member of the SURF Special Interest Group Media and Learning in the Netherlands
His research examines challenges teachers face when transitioning from face-to-face, to teaching via video (from 3d to 2d). Using a variety of technologies, he has recorded over 100 web lectures that are used when ‘flipping’ the classroom in an interactive, dynamic and blended learning environment. He has contributed to a series of animations in which aspects of video in education are explained;
Recent subjects include:
• Using video to support teaching and learning on the ‘Levensbeschouwing’ minor
• Presenting a complex project assignment through selected video formats
• Transitioning from face-to-face to 'video teaching'; supporting lecturers in developing their video teaching skills.
• Effective use of video in higher educatoin
• Types of video and their use in teaching
• Guidelines for the didactic use of video
Zac's blog explores issues relating to teaching with video.