Deborah Arnold

Deborah Arnold, national and international projects coordinator

Before joining AUNEGe in September 2018, I ran the educational technology and distance learning department at the University of Burgundy in France and, before that, worked for over 10 years as a learning designer and project manager at Vidéoscop, the audiovisual and multimedia production department of Université Nancy 2.

Educational media has thus long been an integral part of my work, and I have a strong interest in how we use it for teaching and learning, not just as a medium for transmitting knowledge, but also as a process through which learners can develop other skills. For example, in my own teaching, I give my students an assignment which entails producing a digital artefact on a given topic. My role is to provide them with the methodological grounding to realise their project, and to raise awareness of the soft skills they need to mobilise, in terms of collaboration, leadership and communication.

During my time at Université Nancy 2 I was closely involved in the MEDEA Awards and the Media and Learning Conference, and am happy to be participating actively again in my new role at AUNEGe.