Ewald Edink

Ewald Edink obtained a bachelor degree in organic chemistry at the Higher Laboratory Education in Rotterdam in 2000. After working at the Technical University in Delft and DSM as a research technician, he completed the master education Pharmacochemistry (Drug Design and Synthesis track) at the VU University in Amsterdam in 2006.

In his PhD project at the VU University, he focused on the structure-based design of ligands for acetylcholine-binding protein, a structural homolog of the ligand-binding domain of Cys-loop receptors. After completion of his PhD, Ewald continued at the VU University as a postdoctoral researcher on a EU-project that focused on the development of therapeutics against human influenza.

In 2012, he joined Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) as a Medical Affairs Officer Psychiatry and returned in November 2013 to the medicinal chemistry department of the VU University in Amsterdam where he became project leader for the PDE4NPD project in which parasitic phospodiesterases are targeted with small molecule inhibitors to find novel treatments for neglected parasitic diseases. In 2016, Ewald became lecturer at Hogeschool InHolland where he is involved in teaching chemistry to undergraduate students. Ewald has a keen interest in all aspects of (ICT-supported) Blended Learning.