Dominik Lukes

Dominik Lukeš is an Assistive Technology Officer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Oxford. His particular interests include open education, online collaborative communities, MOOCs, podcasting, and innovative uses of video conferencing. He introduced RapidMooc as one-touch video recording studio to Oxford and has run workshops on the creation of educational videos. He recently organised a conference on the Use of Video in Higher Education.

Dominik ran his first connectivist MOOC on Inclusive Technologies for Reading in 2012 and is currently running an xMOOC in the Czech Republic helping Czech teachers create open online content and develop MOOCs. He has blogged about MOOCs on

Dominik has previously worked at the intersection of education, research and technology in various roles. He worked as language specialist and training director for the US Peace Corps in over 15 countries including Kazakhstan, Albania and Timor Leste. He has also held teaching positions at SSEES, University of Glasgow and University of East Anglia. Immediately prior to joining Saïd Business School, he was the Senior Education and Technology Specialist for Dyslexia Action working on developing online courses and participating in international research projects.