Weerada Sucharitkul

Weerada Sucharitkul is the Thai-British Cofounder of FilmDoo. Having lived in eleven countries across five continents, Weerada launched FilmDoo to reflect the three things she’s most passionate about: films, travelling and entrepreneurship. FilmDoo started as a streaming platform helping people to discover great film from around the world. More recently, FilmDoo has expanded into edutaiment helping people to learn languages and explore cultures through their platform and associated technologies. Weerada currently oversees the EdTech side of the business, as well as Content, Product and Technology. Weerada has spoken extensively on the future of digital distribution and film technology, including at major film festivals at Berlinale, Cannes, Venice, Edinburgh and Thessaloniki.

FilmDoo is a global media company utilizing innovative technology to help deliver entertainment, language and cultural learn content. FilmDoo helps people to discover and watch films from around the world through both their own FilmDoo.com platform and their aggregate programme supplying films to third-party platforms and telcos. More recently, FilmDoo has expanded into online edutainment, helping people to learn languages and explore cultures through film, building on their large and rapidly growing film library of over 2,700 films from around the world. The underpinning proprietary technology helping to deliver this service includes their metadata tagging system, their machine learning recommendation engine and automated image recognition software.