Dr Selma Rizvić

Dr Selma Rizvić is a Professor of Computer Graphics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
University of Sarajevo. For 23 years she has been teaching there at Bachelor, Masters and PhD study
programs. From 2005-2010 she has been engaged as well at the Sarajevo School of Science and
Technology, where she established computer graphics courses and Digital Media Center laboratory.

At the University of Sarajevo she founded in 2004 the Laboratory for Computer Graphics - Sarajevo
Graphics Group. It is a research group that specialises in the use of 3D technologies for the
presentation of cultural heritage. The SGG research group is multidisciplinary, it includes computer
graphics experts and works with archaeologists, historians, visual artists, writers, film professionals,
in order to design and implement virtual cultural heritage applications which have both educational
value and are engaging, entertaining and attractive at the same time.

The unique expertise of SGG in interactive digital storytelling embedded in a number of virtual
archaeology projects brought them invitations in major EU consortiums. From 2011-2015 they have
been a partner in the FP7 NoE Virtual Museum Transnational Network V-MusT.net and presently
they are involved in H2020 iMARECULTURE and EACEA Creative Europe Real Heroes project.

Selma Rizvic was a Work Group leader in MPNS COST Action TD1201 “Colour and Space in Cultural
Heritage” (COSCH) from 2012-2016. She is now Steering Committee member of CA COST Action
CA16213 New Exploratory Phase in Research on East European Cultures of Dissent, as well as a
Steering Committee member of the EUROGRAPHICS Workgroup on Graphics and Cultural Heritage.

She is included as expert in future digital based research and innovation activities on ICT and Cultural
Heritage in the framework of the next work programme of the European commission.

More info at: http://people.etf.unsa.ba/~srizvic/