Filip A. Gołębiewski

Filip A. Gołębiewski - sociologist, social researcher, creator of social innovations, NGO activist. Originator, founder and president of the board of the Institute for Discourse and Dialogue. Editor-in-chief of the magazine "Discourse & Dialog". Expert of the National Institute of Freedom - Center for Civil Society Development and of the Active Citizens Programme - National Fund (EOG Funds). In the past programme director at the Court Watch Poland Foundation and the chief research and evaluation specialist at the Stabilo Foundation. Originator of educational board games ("Prawopolis", "Fourth Estate") and innovative online applications ("Gamification Box"). Mainly interested in social phenomena, critical media view, evaluation of the quality of public debate and discourse analysis. Participant of tens of scientific conferences, author of scientific and popular science articles. Coordinator of research, social and commercial projects. Lecturer and trainer. PhD student at the Academia Rerum Socialium Doctoral School of Social Sciences of Nicolaus Copernicus University.