Mathias Janko

Mathias Janko is a 3D Artist with AR/VR and Audio-Visual Design background.
After three years at a secondary college for structural engineering technology, he transferred to a collage specialized in Multimedia-Art with focus on audio-visual media. In 2018, he graduated at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the department for “Transmedial Art” under the direction of Prof. Brigitte Kowanz.
Since 2021, he has been working at WU Vienna in the "Digital Teaching Services" unit, mainly in the context of the projects “ENGAGE.EU” and “Future Learning Experience (FLEX)”. One aspect of both projects is the use of EdTech, such as Virtual Reality and 360° scenarios to gain experience and explore their suitability for didactic approaches. In exchange with colleagues from didactics, he has designed various didactic architectures to facilitate formal and informal learning on a virtual campus. Thus, he has developed teaching spaces as well as student areas and project spaces that invite teachers and students to join with VR-gear, desktop or even smartphone.