Carl Eltervaag

Carl Eltervaag works as an adviser and videographer. His main task is developing online learning resources targeted at teachers in primary, secondary and high schools. Carl has an MA in Filmmaking from Kingston University London. Carl worked ten years as a freelancer in the media industry before joining the Writing Centre in 2019.

Johan Dragvoll works as an adviser at NTNU. He holds a PhD and works with communication and social media at the Writing Centre. His special field of research is literary rhetorics. Johan has a background as a senior researcher at Centre of Humanistic Legal Studies, University of Bergen.

Esben Kamstrup works as assistant professor at NTNU and chief editor of the Writing Centre web site. He has worked as a journalist, photographer and in advertising. He also spent ten years teaching in medias and communication at upper high school. Field of research is critical discourse analyzes of the relationship between language and power, and what characterizes construction of knowledge.

Peter Mørk works as an assistant professor at NTNU. He works with school based and regional development projects in writing instruction and assessment, in addition to developing learning resources to support teachers in developing their own teaching practice. Prior to working at the Writing Centre, he worked for several years as a secondary school teacher, teaching English, Norwegian, religion and social sciences.