Camila Monge Pizarro

Camila Monge Pizarro was a biology teacher in Chile and she did a master's degree in educational sciences in France in 2020. She worked at the national training center of nuclear energy EDF in the design of online courses. She is currently working as a learning designer at the UOH University (Université Ouverte des Humanités). UOH is a digital university for open resources in France. She works on different projects regarding open educational resources like PUNCHY, USM, UHA++, etc. In each project she has different missions, for example in USM, she is in charge of all the training for the teachers, in PUNCHY she accompanies the creators and designs content in htlm5, in UHA++ she is in charge of managing and sharing the content created by the teachers, etc.

Charlaine CLERC is a learning designer specializing in e-learning blended and remote learning working for the UNIT Foundation. Doctor in human sciences, she uses her organizational skills to manage e-learning projects that support pedagogic changes. Her passion for active learning and digital tools enables her to efficiently encourage and support teachers when they wish to significantly improve their educational content. Her work for the Punchy Langue projects consisted of coordinating and communicating on the project, as well as supporting the teachers in the creation of interactive content and the integration of such contents in their hybrid courses.